Rites of Passage Academy History

Rites of Passage Academy


The Rites of Passage Academy is committed to providing our youth with the mentoring and tutelage needed to lead productive and prosperous lives by creating Renaissance Men.

A Renaissance Man is Well Read

The young men are required to read books that aid in their development; such as “Read Me or Stay Broke” by Mark Jackson II.

A Renaissance Man is Well Spoken

The young men were required to write and present essays in a public speaking forum. Memorizing and presenting the poems, “Invictus” and “If” is a part of the Academy’s curriculum.

A Renaissance Man is Well Dressed

We teach the young men to dress for all occasions. There is a required dress code for the mentoring sessions.

A Renaissance Man is Well Traveled

We have sessions at off site colleges to expoff-site to higher education institutions. Some of the mentees had an opportunity to travel to The 100 Black Men of America National Conference in San Francisco, California, New Orleans, Louisiana, as well as to the White House in Washington D.C.

A Renaissance Man is Well Balanced

The young men have been exposed to financial literacy, business etiquette, scholarship workshops, public speaking and interviewing skills, how to handle peer pressure, and other topics that aid in their development.


The South Metro Rites of Passage Program is based on “Mentoring the 100 Way”, a mentoring training program of the 100 Black Men of America, Inc. Utilizing the curriculum of “Mentor the 100 Way” members of 100 Black Men of South Metro created a Rites of Passage Program. This program started with ten high school seniors increasing to 24, then to 30, 36 and in 2007 increased to 45. The enrollment increased to 50 participants in 2008 and currently the enrollment continues to range in the mid-forties. The enrollment was increased over the years
due to demands from the community and the desire to have a greater effect on mentees at an earlier age. To accomplish this goal we expanded the program to students in eighth through twelfth grades.

Over the years the curriculum of the Rites of Passage Program has consisted of Seminars on Interviewing/Public Speaking, Dress for Success, Male/Female Relationship, Health and Wellness, Finance/Investment, Law and Justice, Health and wellness and a community service component. The Curriculum has been augmented with the Princeton Review, a tutorial program. Cracker Barrel Table Talk (a leadership program) was added one year and subsequently replaced with the AT&T Leadership Program.

Mentees completing the Rites of Passage Program have continued the pursuit of excellence by attending colleges and universities such as the University of Georgia, Duke University, Morehouse College, Morehouse School of Medicine, Georgia Tech, the Air Force Academy, Grambling and Tennessee State Universities. In 2012 two mentees were awarded Posse Scholarships. Last year, one of mentee graduates was awarded the Gates Millennium Scholarship. The 100 Black Men of America 2005 National Mentee for the Year was awarded to a mentee from South Metro. In 2008 another mentee from South Metro was named the National Mentee of Year. We are the only chapter of 110+ chapters of the 100 Black Men of
America to produced two National Mentees of the Year. Additionally, we are proud to have one of our mentees named the Wells Fargo Pathways to Success Student of the Year in 2016.

In 2016 and 2017, the South Metro chapter was named 100 Black Men of America, Inc. Chapter of the Year in Education. As well, in 2017 we were awarded Chapter of the Year in Mentoring and home to the 2017 Mentor of the Year, Mr. Paul Vaughn.

Over 200 mentees have graduated from the Rites of Passage Program and South Metro Chapter in conjunction with our loyal sponsors have awarded over $1.5 million in Scholarships. With your help and others, we look forward to a brighter future for our youth.